Outlet Covers

Sullivan's Stone Factory is equipped with the unique capability of creating switch plates from all types of materials Granite, Marble, Quartz, Onyx, Manufactured Stone (ceasar stone/silestone), and stainless steel to name a few.

Our switch plates and outlet covers are available in all common configurations, with the same width, height and thickness of standard plastic switch plates. We cut our custom plates using a flow waterjet providing 0.001" accuracy with 80,000 PSI cutting strength (enough to cut thru steel 24" thick) after cutting the sizes needed pieces are moved to our Prussiani Overhead CNC Router where they are carefully milled to the desired thickness. The edges are then polished out by hand to match the contours of conventional plates.

We stock a wide variety of Granite and Marble at our facility. However, we encourage our customers to provide their own material when placing orders. The stone material we start with can be any thickness from 1/4" up to 6". We can use remnant scraps, sink cutouts or any part of your material that has the desired color and pattern you want on your plates. If your stone is "directional" or has movement please indicate how you would like the flow or draw it out on the backside of your stone. If you prefer to mark the front of the stone be sure to use blue painters tape to write on. If you prefer to use material from our stock please indicate the name and type of stone you are trying to match. Samples can be sent out for your approval prior to cutting for a $16.00 shipping and handling fee.

In order to get pricing please fill out and submit our online form or call (760) 347-5535 Fax: 760-342-2070 or email us at info@sullivansstone.com with a list of the switch plates that you need, the type of stone, Granite Marble, Tile or alternate material. Pricing requested are usually available immediately upon inquiry.

Switch plates we regularly make are Toggle Duplex, Decora, Phone Jack, Cable and Blank. If you do not see your plates in the drawings below, we are not limited to the configurations that are shown. Please forward us the configuration you wish to duplicate and we can customize it to your individual needs.


Sizes needed on a per switch basis:

1 Gang 6"x4"
2 Gang 6"x6"
3 Gang 6"x8"
4 Gang 6"x10"
5 Gang 6"x12"
6 Gang 6"x14"



1 Gang $55.00
2 Gang $85.00
3 Gang $95.00
4 Gang $125.00
5 Gang $145.00
6 Gang $80.00

We ship insured priority U.S. mail, unless specified otherwise


Order Total Shipping Costs
0-100 $15.00

Flat $25.00 rate applies for orders of $1000.00 or more.


  • Orders require full payment in advance. We accept checks and Paypal
  • Lead time is typically 2 - 3 weeks from the time material is received and payment is made.
    Expedited delivery (1 week or less) is a $50.00 one time charge.